Noise Reduction Limited is a family owned company specialising in solving industrial & environmental noise problems within today's working environments, offering cost effective solutions.


Our team of experts who have a wealth of experience from the 1980.s understand todays noise problems and will provide a solution to solve them, whether its a Noise at Work issue or environmental problem causing noise pollution.


All our staff at NR  are skilled and have over 28 years experience in acoustic design, manufacturing & installations and can ensure your noise issue is correctly solved and approved by  local authorities or HSE ( Noise at Work) regulations.  Our team will discuss with you at the start of your noise enquiry an initial site visit, to calculate   possible  solutions with  costs to ensure the final project is to your full satification and issue a free drawing as clarification that our product is met, whether it is an noise enclosure, acoustic screening, noise barrier, ductwork attenuator or another acoustic special product.  


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" Why Noise Reduction "


The Noise at Work regulations require the reduction of noise exposure to employees throughout their working life and you have a legal duty to reduce their risk. You also have a legal duty not to disturb your neighbours with excessive noise.


Noise At Work Regulations ( 2005 ) Employers are required to conduct a risk assessment with view to reducing noise to its lowest practical level conducted by a competent person and keep records of the assessment. There are two action levels 80 db (A)the first and 85 db (A) the second.


Working with Noise Reduction Limited will enable you to meet and comply with your " Noise At Work " obligations. 


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